Spanglish by Felasold
Spanglish - The better way to improve your Spanish vocabulary.
By targeting common pitfalls, Spanglish fixes your mistakes - before you make them. Spanglish's games target the most common sources of confusion for beginners - and its review system helps you identify and correct your weaknesses.
Spanglish's games will help you learn:
  • Basic Vocab The new "popular vocabulary" game covers the 1000 most common words in Spanish.
  • Cognates and False Cognates Its easy to confuse words like embarrassing (Spanish: avergonzado) and embarazada (English: pregnant). Many Spanish and English words look alike. Learn which ones have a similar meaning - and which don't.
  • Verb Families Learn the differences between verbs like volver (to return in the sense of go back to a place), volverse (to become), and devolver (to return in the sense of give back a thing).
  • Confusing words Learn to tell apart similar-looking words like quedar (to stay), quemar (to burn) and quebrar (to break).
  • Quotes and Sayings Practice using vocabulary in context.
  • Review Spanglish now learns about your strengths and weaknesses! Master difficult vocabulary through review. Includes six separate user profiles so that you can share Spanglish with family and friends.
Spanglish includes the 10,000 most useful Spanish vocabulary words.
For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Spanglish takes full advantage of the iPad's larger screen and the iPhone 4's Hi-Res Retina display.